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how i learned to stop worrying and love the blurb

Ugly word, that. Blurb. Doesn’t even sound pretty when you say, but for me it’s an important writing tool. I know a lot of people put off writing their novel’s blurb until after the manuscript is completed, but I’ve learned to work … Continue reading

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pacing and dialogue and research, oh my!

This week I am thrilled to have a guest post by the talented Lisa Mannetti. Lisa’s debut novel, The Gentling Box, won the 2008 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement In a First Novel. A second edition of The Gentling Box is currently … Continue reading

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An Interview with Teresa Frohock

I have to say that asking the questions is a lot easier than answering them, but I really did enjoy doing this interview for Andrea over at The Written Connection. Andrea posted the same interview twice under each entry for … Continue reading

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an announcement to subscribers of helluo librorum

I have a new blog with an announcement regarding some changes here at helluo librorum. Helluo librorum isn’t going anywhere, but I hope you’ll pop over for just a moment and check out: a new blog & a new look.

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writing when you’re uninspired

First, thanks to Jennifer McFadden for being the inspiration for this post; this one is for her. I wish I could sit my muse upon my shoulder at my pleasure and have her whisper inspiration in my ear, but I can’t; she’d be knocked … Continue reading

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the editorial letter

Or how to take suggestions. I know some people dread the editorial letter, but I didn’t. I knew what to expect, because Weronika and I talked about my novel’s strengths and weaknesses before she offered representation. One important factor in the agent/writer relationship … Continue reading

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repeat monday — writing fiction with the 1-3-1 method

I’m still hanging heavily in the land of edits, so I’m re-posting an article that a lot of folks seemed to enjoy. I hope to wring some fresh ideas out of my tired brain next week, but until then, here is … Continue reading

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narrowing the focus on your novel

Beginnings are always tough, but something I found useful when trying to define the focus of my current WIP is the format of the legal brief. Attorneys use legal briefs to narrow the focus of case from a lengthy rationale … Continue reading

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Borderlands Press Boot Camp

I promised in my last post that I would give you more information about the Borderlands Press Boot Camp, which has been highly recommened by authors Lisa Mannetti and Michael Hughes. We have been talking about networking and the Boot … Continue reading

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on the value of networking

For those of you who read helluo librorum regularly, you know that Monday is the day I usually post. Last week was completely blown away from me by a much-needed and most excellent vacation to the lovely city of Miami, … Continue reading

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