Policy for interviews and guest posts

I love to do interviews and guest posts. However, now that I’m published, my time constraints have become such that I can no longer spend a great deal of time on these projects.

These posts are now by invitation only.

Please feel free to contact me, but if you receive a reply referring you to this site, then the answer is no. Unfortunately, I no longer have time to respond to each request individually.

The interviews and guest posts that are currently on helluo librorum are by authors whose works I’ve read and enjoyed. These authors are all published or very close to publication.

If you pay careful attention, you will note they all write some form of dark fiction, even the authors whose works are classified as literary. Authors who don’t fall into the category of dark fiction are authors I personally know. If your work isn’t dark fiction or you don’t know me, you might want to try another blog.

I apologize for this rather impersonal approach; however, I can think of no other way to address the matter expediently. I hope to save you time as well, because I know requests take time to write too.

Thank you for your interest in helluo librorum.