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how i learned to stop worrying and love the blurb

Ugly word, that. Blurb. Doesn’t even sound pretty when you say, but for me it’s an important writing tool. I know a lot of people put off writing their novel’s blurb until after the manuscript is completed, but I’ve learned to work … Continue reading

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repeat monday — writing fiction with the 1-3-1 method

I’m still hanging heavily in the land of edits, so I’m re-posting an article that a lot of folks seemed to enjoy. I hope to wring some fresh ideas out of my tired brain next week, but until then, here is … Continue reading

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narrowing the focus on your novel

Beginnings are always tough, but something I found useful when trying to define the focus of my current WIP is the format of the legal brief. Attorneys use legal briefs to narrow the focus of case from a lengthy rationale … Continue reading

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plotting the next novel

I finally finished my current novel An Autumn Tale this weekend. There will still be some minor edits once my beta readers have all phoned in, and I’m sure if I ever get this novel past an agent or editor, … Continue reading

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writing fiction with the 1-3-1 method

English classes use this method to teach students how to write five paragraph essays, but I’ve found the philosophy behind the 1-3-1 method to be just as useful with writing fiction. With an essay, the writer attempts to convince a … Continue reading

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using a synopsis vs. writing by the seat of the pants

[tweetmeme source=”teresafrohock” alias=”” only_single=false] After a thorough evaluation of these writing techniques, I have become a fan of using a synopsis and/or outline when writing a novel. I wrote my first novel by the seat of my pants with neither … Continue reading

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another take on the synopsis

[tweetmeme source=”teresafrohock” alias=”” only_single=false] I’ve been thinking about the synopsis and the enormity of smashing my 87,000 word manuscript into a one page document. While the synopsis plan was on a slow burn in the back of my mind, I … Continue reading

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writing the novel synopsis

I suppose a subtitle for this subject could be: the writer’s bane. Actually the synopsis is not the terror everyone claims it to be, it’s just a matter of thinking about your novel differently. However, when most writers find they … Continue reading

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