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Good-bye and hello …

Once upon a time I thought I might have enough energy to write two different blogs and continue working on my novels and stories. However, reality has finally set in and that time has passed. This is my last post … Continue reading

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Creating Effective Characters by Hal Bodner

Hal Bodner is one of the funniest and most delightful authors I’ve had the privilege of working with for a guest post on helluo librorum. (And I might add, a most patient and sweet soul.) Hal is a fascinating and accomplished … Continue reading

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win a query critique or a 25 or 50 page critique from Weronika Janczuk

To celebrate debut week for my novel, Miserere, I’m having a flash fiction contest at my other blog. Enter your flash fiction for a chance to win one of five prizes that include a query critique, a 25 page critique or a 50 … Continue reading

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contest! win an autographed copy of Miserere: An Autumn Tale

My author’s copies of Miserere: An Autumn Tale arrived yesterday and to celebrate, my awesome agent Weronika Janczuk is hosting a contest at her blog! There are two ways to win, and so no one gets confused about where to … Continue reading

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Contest: Miserere: An Autumn Tale

I started this blog so very long ago to hone my blogging skills in case I ever had the good fortune to be published. Well now, we are are here, and I want to share some of that good fortune … Continue reading

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how i learned to stop worrying and love the blurb

Ugly word, that. Blurb. Doesn’t even sound pretty when you say, but for me it’s an important writing tool. I know a lot of people put off writing their novel’s blurb until after the manuscript is completed, but I’ve learned to work … Continue reading

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The Google Book Settlement has been rejected

I just got this information on Twitter. The Google Book Settlement has been rejected. Judge Denny Chin ruled that the major issue was the “opt-out” portion of the settlement. You can read the Publishers Weekly report here and the PW article has a … Continue reading

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Relief organizations for Japan

I want to say thanks to Martha Wells (@marthawells1) for tweeting this list of relief organizations for Japan. I like this site, because it provides a good listing of legitimate organizations that are providing relief to Japan in the wake … Continue reading

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a guest blog with jennifer neri

I’m guest blogging today at my friend Jennifer Neri’s blog on why I chose a traditional route to publication over self-publication. If you have a minute, stop by and say hi. You can also see more great posts Jennifer has from … Continue reading

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lunch hour links — description, characterization, going indie and more

If you’re like me and enjoy surfing the net on your lunch hour, here a few links you might want to check out: My good friend Peter Cooper has written a very insightful article on writing description in your story. It’s … Continue reading

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