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Not all of my subscribers here at helluo librorum follow me at my other blog, and I’m so excited, I wanted to share this here too.

The cover art for my debut novel Miserere: An Autumn Tale has been completed. The artist is Michael C. Hayes, and you must go to his website to see his other works.

I am beyond words. He captured the essence of my novel and characters and brought them to life. I am so pleased to show you Catarina, Lucian, and Rachael, just as I imagined them.

Coming July 2011 from Night Shade Books, Miserere: An Autumn Tale:


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8 Responses to cover art for Miserere

  1. Liz Colter says:

    The cover is fantastic! Cover art is so very important to a novel, I’m so glad for you that this is so well done. You’re right, their expressions are perfect!

  2. tikiman1962 says:

    Wow! I wholeheartedly agree with Liz. Cover art is like a couple on a blind date; you’ve got to put on your best digs in order to impress. This is evocative and should attract your following.
    So far, all the steps you’ve taken, from being taken in by Weronika to the sale of the book, etc. are careful and meticulous.
    Continued success.

  3. I had to come take another look – it never is less exciting and vivid!

  4. Ssh! I’m trying to swoon over Lucian, do you mind! *Grins*

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