Kathryn Magendie, Peter Cooper, and Jan O’Hara news flashes!

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I have too much good news about some wonderful writers I know to wait until next Wednesday!

Secret graces First to Kathryn Magendie, whose second novel, Secret Graces, is now available for sale!

I love the cover art for this novel, and the picture here doesn’t do it justice.

Kat’s been kind of MIA lately, because her publisher has also purchased her third novel, which she is hard at work writing. Be sure you pop over to her blog and say congratulations to Kat.

Kat will also be joining us at helluo librorum for a blog interview this month. Stay tuned for details on that.

Cackling Scribe The second piece of really great news came early this week, but I couldn’t share it until Peter Cooper had the opportunity to announce on his blog that he has sold his novel, The Ghost of Ping-Ling, to Omnibus Books, an imprint of Scholastic Australia. I’m so happy for Peter, and I hope you’ll stop by and say congratulations to him.

By the way, Peter, you need to change the sub-title on your blog photo to: Confessions of a Would-Be Fantasy Author.

Tartitude The third piece of wonderful news I received this week was from a new blogging friend, Jan O’Hara. Now if you haven’t met Jan yet, you must go visit her blog Tartitude. She is an aspiring romance writer, who has a vibrant writing style, and I sometimes think of her as my personal cheerleader. No matter how rough I feel about the writing process, Jan’s lively posts always pick up my spirits.

Out of millions and millions of entries, Jan was chosen to be the voice of the unpublished writer on Writer Unboxed. Her announcement is here, and the official Writer Unboxed announcement is here, and I don’t care which one you visit, please go offer your congratulations to Jan. I can’t imagine anyone I would rather have representing the voice of the unpublished writer on Writer Unboxed.

Keep the good news coming, and I’ll see you on Monday!


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5 Responses to Kathryn Magendie, Peter Cooper, and Jan O’Hara news flashes!

  1. Peter Cooper says:

    Thanks for posting this, Teresa!

    I will certainly take on board your comment about the “would be” fantasy author, but I think in return you should change “dark fantasy horror” to “deliciously creepy horror” 😉

    talk soon,


    • Teresa says:

      Actually, I didn’t notice it until I went to your blog to copy the link! 😉

      Deliciously creepy horror is coming as soon as I can work up the stamina to toy with that header again! Oh if only you knew the agonies I go through to make it look right on this blog and my web page.

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Teresa, although I’m totally intimidated about the idea of speaking for anyone but myself, LOL. If I’ve ever been a cheerleader in any sense to you, I’m grateful; the feeling is mutual.



    PS: Congratulations to Kathryn and Peter! Lots of good news this week.

  3. kat magendie says:

    Hi there T! — I am home from the conference and my head is wrapped in cotton – so good to be home – *smiling* – I received my copies of SG in the mail while I was gone, and I’m pleased with the cover!

    (by the way, if you see a copy read the acknowledgments – there’s a friendly wave atcha there)

    • Teresa says:

      I’m glad you had a good time! My copy is on order from Amazon. Now I wish I’d rushed it! 😉

      Thanks, Kat, for all your help and support.

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