a thank you to Jennifer Neri

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Normally my Wednesday blog posts are reserved for lunch hour links; however, I can’t possibly think of more query links other than the ones I’ve presented to you in the past. This week I’m taking time off from the links.

What I would like to do is recognize and thank Jennifer Neri for her gracious words about helluo librorum when she awarded me The Prolific Blogger Award.

You see, Jennifer is very special. She has been hanging out with me at helluo librorum almost from the beginning when I was still trying to find my way as a blogger. Her encouragement and kind comments often kept me writing my blog posts. She has been a willing ear (or eye, as the case may be) since the start.

An accomplished writer, Jennifer’s short story “The Mistake” won second place for the 2008 QWF/CBC Writing Contest, and she is currently under consideration for representation for her novel When Life Begins.

She is an inspiration to me with her gentle voice and her goodwill to all who comment on her blog. Her posts are beautiful reflections on the writing life and the art of writing. I hope you will visit her to read her most recent post, Momentum.

You can also visit Jennifer at her website (Jennifer Neri) or at Jennifer Neri’s blog.

Please stop in and say hi, and you absolutely must say that Teresa sent you!


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4 Responses to a thank you to Jennifer Neri

  1. kat magendie says:

    I am going to go there and say hello! she sounds marvelous, T – just as you are…..

  2. jenniferneri says:

    Thank you, Teresa! My goodness you have had me blushing the last few days when I thought of this!
    It has been a pleasure to watch your blog grow, and I find you the most resourceful and generous blogger I know. You too have been there for me since almost the beginning (we launched at about the same point I’m certain) and it’s been great! I look forward to what’s coming.

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