lunch hour links for writers – 2/17/10

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This week we’re talking about researching and approaching literary agents. I thought instead of a rash of links I would give you a few places to begin your research.

If you’ve found the literary agent of your choice and you’ve signed up for a pitch session, this video is for you. Authors Christie Craig and Faye Hughes of WriteWithUs put together this great video staring literary agent Kim Lionetti of Bookends, LLC, Dorchester editor, Chris Keeslar, and author Terry McLaughlin to illustrate tips for making the perfect pitch to an editor or agent about your manuscript.

Chock full of super advice and more than one laugh, here is Making the Perfect Pitch (Without Striking Out):

Here is a list of literary agents whose blogs and tweets I’ve found extremely valuable. If I’ve left an agent off this list that you feel has been helpful to you, please leave a link in the comments section.



Ashley Grayson Literary Agency  
Bookends, LLC


Colleen Lindsay


Janet Reid


Jennifer Jackson


Kristin Nelson  
Laura Bradford (While Ms. Bradford has a website for her agency, she doesn’t run a blog, but she does tweet valuable #pubtips.)


Marlene Stringer (While Ms. Stringer has a website for her agency, she doesn’t run a blog, but she does tweet valuable #pubtips.)


Nathan Bransford


Rachelle Gardner


Ginger Clark (While Ms. Clark is part of the Curtis Brown Literary Agency, she doesn’t run a blog, but she does tweet valuable #pubtips.)



This is by no means a comprehensive list of literary agents you will want to follow. When you research literary agents, check their blogs and see if they use Twitter. If they do, follow them, and if they’re kind enough to take a few moments to tweet #pubtips or blog about query letters, pay attention.

writer’s chatroom

Got more questions about agents, queries, and pitches? Check out the Writer’s Chatroom. Moderated every Wednesday evening by Audrey Shaffer, the Writer’s Chatroom is open from 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. EST so you can drop in or out as your schedule allows. Experienced writers who had been through the process are available to give moral support and answer your questions.


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7 Responses to lunch hour links for writers – 2/17/10

  1. Kelly Bryson says:

    Wow, this is cool. I ask a question and you, like, do my research for me. I like the Author!Author! blog also. REALLY comprehensive advice on everything from manuscript formatting to what to wear to a pitch, to agent etiquette, etc. Basically anything and everything you might need to know to submit and interact with the professional publishing world.

  2. Kelly Bryson says:

    I commented before while I was waiting for the video to load. And oh crap. My first scene is about gardening. Oh crap. Too funny!

    • Teresa says:

      Kelly, I knew about the video from some time ago; everyone tweeted it when it was first posted. One of the values of Twitter! When you asked your question, I just had to look it up on youtube. 😉 I’ve been thinking of it for you ever since you told me you signed up for the pitch session. Good luck!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for the chart! It’s nice to be able to get a peek into agents’ thought processes, so much as they see to fit blog anyway.

    • Teresa says:

      Hi Lindsay, I tried to take the complaints I see the most from literary agents and condense them into one post. They really bend over backwards to tell authors what they want to see, and I think people like you have nothing to worry about it. A lot of people just disregard submission guidelines altogether.

  4. tikiman1962 says:

    My “lunch hour” sadly is only a half hour. However, the information provided is extremely useful. Thanks for the feedback.

    • Teresa says:

      No problem tikiman1962! I’m glad you found it useful. I’ve seen so many good links, I’ve started bookmarking a lot of them so I can go back and visit when I have time.

      By the way, I enjoyed the article on telegraphing you have on your blog.

      Thanks for taking a moment to say hi!

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