lunch hour links for writers – 2/10/10

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Before I start with links reflecting this week’s theme, I thought I would share a few tidbits with you that I’ve picked up during the week about three fabulous ladies.

I’m going to kick off the links with Lisa Mannetti and Kathryn Magendie, because both have new releases coming soon. I thought you might like to see their book trailers and jacket art.

51 Fiendish Ways Coming on March 10, 2010 is a gruesome collaboration between fiendish Bram Stoker winning author Lisa Mannetti and artist Glenn Chadbourne whose work you will find familiar, because he has illustrated several of Stephen King’s novels. 51 Fiendish Ways to Leave Your Lover is the kind of book that will leave you chuckling, then looking over your shoulder to make sure no one knows what you’re laughing about. Just a head’s up for horror fans: if you pre-order your copy from Horror Mall, you will get a copy of 51 Fiendish Ways to Leave Your Lover signed by both Lisa Mannetti and Glenn Chadbourne. What? Can’t wait? Watch the book trailer created by none other than the talented Lisa Mannetti herself:

If horror is not your speed and you’re looking for something that makes your heart soar, visit author Kathryn Magendie and the spirits of her women-kin in this poetic book trailer for her upcoming novel, Secret Graces.

Like Lisa, Kathryn put her book trailer for Secret Graces together herself. Kathryn wrote about her experience and tells you how you can do a book trailer for your novel at her post Secret Graces Trailer: You Can Do One, Too! She also gives a couple of good sites where you can download images and music for not a lot of bucks.

Ah, but you knew about Lisa Mannetti and Kathryn Magendie! Who, you might ask, is the third lady?

It takes a lot of courage to start a blog; trust me, I know. I was really excited when I found that my new OWW friend, Terri Trimble, has started her own blog at LiveJournal, Terri Trimble Re-imaging the Middle Ages. Terri’s blog is a wealth of information for fantasy writers, because Terri has done all your research for you. Would you like to know what people ate in a medieval society? Check out Hot Pottage on the Fire and her other informative posts about medieval society.

So now we’re at courage in our writing, and I have been successful in finding a few links for you.

Author Holly Lisle tells you how to take one more step than you think you can when she talks about everyday courage and the writer.

Over at Fuel Your Writing, Christopher Jackson tells you how to give your writing guts and physically affect your readers with your prose.

At Writer Unboxed, Ann Aguirre describes finding the will to write your next book and your next. An excellent post on the business side of writing.

writer’s chatroom

Where’s a great place to connect with other writers? Well it’s at the Writer’s Chatroom, of course. Moderated every Wednesday evening by Audrey Shaffer, the Writer’s Chatroom is open from 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. EST so you can drop in or out as your schedule allows.

links to links

Over at Pimp My Novel, you’ll find news from the publishing industry, so check out And Then There Were Three for publishing news and links.

Nathan Bransford gives everyone his usual super run-down of publishing links in This Week in Publishing.


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3 Responses to lunch hour links for writers – 2/10/10

  1. kat magendie says:

    First – thank you for your words about TG and trailer – *smiling* ….

    Second – can’t wait to visit your links – I retweeted it, too – always something good here….

  2. Kelly Bryson says:

    Re: link to giving your writing guts- My honest reaction is disbelief. Can you really make someone pass out with your writing? I thought that only happened in the past because ladies wore corsets. But 60 people passing out in 2004…I’d like to know how he did that, but I wonder if I could handle it;)

    And thanks for the book trailers. Sometimes they remind me of query letters, but I think the most important thing is to get the reader to feel something, preferably something that you feel reading the book. The sequence in Kat’s trailer with the young girl running/woman walking on the hill was great- evocative of the tone and themes of Tender Graces. Good job Kat.

    Lisa did a great job too- you can tell that her book is humorous and a bit dark.

  3. kat magendie says:

    Hey, Thank you Kelly! *smiling*

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