lunch hour links for writers – 2/3/10

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This is the week of the query, so off we go with links to query letters and such from around the net.

A very nice post is available at Agent Query, which gives some very succinct examples of hooks. This is probably one of the best posts on how to write a query letter I’ve been able to find.

Author Lynn Flewelling has an informative post at SFWA, The Complete Nobody’s Guide to Query Letters. In the post, she includes the query letter that secured the sale of her fantasy novel, Luck in the Shadows.

Charlotte Dillon runs a lovely website with resources for romance writers, but regardless of genre, you want to check out her resources for Writing a Query Letter. She has advice and links that will help you formulate your own query letter.

Literary agent Kristen Nelson has a host of information for you on her FAQ page for the Nelson Literary Agency. Scroll down to find sample query letters and pitch workshops that Kristen has placed on her blog Pub Rants.

Speaking of literary agents, they’re all quite eager to show you what they’re looking for in query letters, and many do give samples on their web pages. Nathan Bransford shows you how to do the query letter mad lib and fill in the blanks for a basic query letter.

Jessica Faust of Bookends, LLC has sample query letters that have worked for her. Scroll down and read beneath the heading: Must-Read Posts for her links to previous posts on query letters.

Literary agent Colleen Lindsay dissects Kelly’ Gay’s query letter for her novel, The Better Part of Darkness, to tell you why that query worked for her. If you’re worried about how to format an e-mail query, Colleen has advice for your there too. Rejected? Well, Colleen also has a brief post on why she may have rejected your query where she lists some common mistakes writers make.

Are you reading the Query Shark? You’d better be, and if you’re not, move on down the road in that direction . . .

Before you query a specific agent, drop by their website and see if they have any specific submission guidelines. Every agent is different, what works for one, might not work for another. Keep reading and keep trying, but the ultimate responsibility to make sure you are submitting your best possible work is yours.

writer’s chatroom

Where’s a great place to connect with other writers? Well it’s at the Writer’s Chatroom, of course. Moderated every Wednesday evening by Audrey Shaffer, the Writer’s Chatroom is open from 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. EST so you can drop in or out as your schedule allows.

Do you understand how the book selling process works? Recently, and publisher Macmillan had a huge battle over retail pricing and that will be the focus of tonight’s chat.

If you’re not up to speed on the issue, you’ve got time to read a few posts:

Amazon Accepts Macmillan’s Demands

Macmillan Pens Open Letter to Authors and Agents

Macmillan CEO Tells His Side of the Amazon Spat

Amazon is No Longer Selling Macmillan Books; Macmillan CEO John Sargent Issues Statement

Pimp My Novel has also been following the controversy

links to links

Over at Pimp My Novel, you’ll find news from the publishing industry, so check out iPadding Down to Friday for publishing news and links.

Nathan Bransford gives everyone the low-down on the Amazon/Macmillan crisis with his post The Kindle Missile Crisis.

Jessica Rosen has moved her Friday Forum to Tuesday, but it’s no less valuable. Check out this week’s list of links on the value of Brevity.


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    Yay, great links! The last time I had the writing bug, Evil Editor was just starting his blog and helping people with query letters. Looks like he’s still going:

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    Oh, thanks for all the links – I came buy to grap your addy so I can link to your blog so readers can find these links….I’ll do that tomorrow or Monday — going to look around these links!

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      Hi, Kat! Thanks for the link. I love your book trailer, by the way. Come Wednesday, weather and Duke Power permitting, I want to feature yours and Lisa Mannetti’s trailers for lunch hour links.

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    Hey T. Just dropping in to say Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

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      Hey, Miss Angie! I’ve missed seeing your tweets, because I’ve been trying to be good and limit my online time, but you and the divine Miss K are never far from my thoughts. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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