lunch hour links for writers – 1/27/10

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I shall be visiting my friend Peter Cooper over at The Cackling Scribe sometime later today or tomorrow. As soon as I have the link, I’ll be putting up a new post with the information. As he’s in Australia and I’m on the east coast of the US, we have a bit of a time lag. While I’m waiting to show up at Peter’s blog, I’ll serve you nibbles and news, a tiny conglomeration of happenings here and about.

Peter Cooper

Speaking of Peter, hop over to The Cackling Scribe and give Peter a big congratulations. His Hobbit Query Letter, which was showcased on Nathan Bransford’s blog, is set to be published by ASIM! We’re all very excited for Peter.

Lisa Mannetti

Next is the delightful news that Lisa Mannetti’s novel, The Gentling Box, will be the subject of the Evil Editor’s Book Chat on Thursday, January 28, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. EST. Lisa herself will be there to enchant you, so don’t miss an opportunity to discuss The Gentling Box with her!

Here is how to participate in the chat:

“At the bottom of the post it’ll say "0 comments." Click there and you’re in. Type your comment in the box at the right, then click publish. Everyone’s comments appear on the left side of the page. Unlike a chat room, you have to refresh the page to see the most recent comments.”

Crawford Kilian

In last week’s edition of lunch hour links I made mention of Crawford Kilian’s series of posts with advice on novel writing at Steampunk. Crawford popped in to let me know where you can read more recent posts. Head over to Crawford’s blogs Writing Fiction and Write a Novel, which is a do-it-yourself online course well worth visiting.

Ashley Grayson Literary Agency

The Ashley Grayson Literary Agency has a most rational analysis on the coming of Apple’s new iThingy (also known as the iWhatsit – or whatever moniker you might choose) and how e-books will drive publishing in 2010.

Personally, I’m becoming a bit jaded about all the excitement regarding the latest technologies. Of course, we all know that once the mighty iThingy, iWhatsit, iTablet or whatever rolls out of Steve Jobs’ BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, the geek boys will be whipping themselves into a frenzy over something NEW AND IMPROVED WITH MORE FUNCTIONALITY next year.

I’m not buying anything. I’m holding out for the microchip that can be implanted in my brain so I can touch my forehead and simultaneously drive-a-car-answer-the-phone-listen-to music-read-a-book-watch-my-favorite-tv-show-check-my-email. I suppose then, we’ll all just sit around and drool while our bodies corrode and our brains implode. There you go science fiction fans, an idea for a novel or short-story, ripe for the picking. Have at.

writer’s chatroom

Where’s a great place to connect with other writers? Well it’s at the Writer’s Chatroom, of course. Moderated every Wednesday evening by Audrey Shaffer, the Writer’s Chatroom is open from 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. EST so you can drop in or out as your schedule allows. Visit the Writer’s Chatroom tonight and pick up some great writing tips or leave a few!

That’s it for this week! Stay tuned, I’ll be back later today or early tomorrow with another post over at The Cackling Scribe.


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