a thank you to Hilary Wagner

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This is my thank you note to the multi-talented Hilary Wagner, who last week bestowed upon helluo librorum the coveted One Good Rat Award.

I must say that when I began blogging and linking in with various online communities, I never thought I would encounter such gracious, delightful people. Nor could you have convinced me that I would come to admire so many writers, published and unpublished, for their humor, their willingness to be helpful to the aspiring writer, and the generous gift of their time.

Hilary is one of these special writers. She is a talented artist in every sense of the word. Her middle-grade fantasy, Nightshade City, will be published in the Fall of 2010 by Holiday House Books. She is also an accomplished artist, because the lovely rats you see in the award were drawn by none other than Hilary herself [correction: the error was mine and Hilary sets us straight: “The rats were not drawn by me, I’m sad to say! They are actually by a brilliant French illustrator named Gustave Dore, from the 19th century. http://dore.artpassions.net/.” However, Hilary is an talented artist; I’ve seen some of her lovely work!]

I love watching young women like Hilary, because they show us that we can have everything. She works, has two lovely daughters and is devoted to her family. Like the rest of us, she writes in her every spare moment, and she shows us all that dreams do come true.

So please visit Hilary’s blog, say hi, and tell her I sent you.

Hilary, I raise my bag of Cheetos to salute you! It is truly my pleasure to have made your acquaintance online, and I hope one day to meet you so I can thank you in person.


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9 Responses to a thank you to Hilary Wagner

  1. jaekaebee says:



    (and possums are kewler. But rats aren’t bad)

    *scuttles off*

  2. A little birdie told me about this super sweet awesome nice kind post! I am most thankful, as our my ratties!

    When we all meet up in Berlin the possum vs. rat throw down will finally be settled. We all know my rats will kick some possum backside, but we’ll let JKB keep her hopes up for now! It’s good for the baby!! 😉

    The rats were not drawn by me, I’m sad to say! They are actually by a brilliant French illustrator named Gustave Dore, from the 19th century. http://dore.artpassions.net/

    Thanks so much for such a sweet post, Miss Teresa! My rats will stop stalking you now! 🙂

    xoxo — Hilary

    • Teresa says:

      I can think of things far worse than being stalked by rats and possums . . . um, let me think . . .
      Thanks for setting the record straight on the artist, Hilary, I put your correction in the original post in case someone doesn’t click on the comments.
      Thanks again for the lovely award. ;-D

      • I just realized you said this was a “coveted” award! Ha, ha! You are awesome! 😉

        • Teresa says:

          What? You mean I’m not making the rest of the blogosphere jealous with my award? I bet so! I bet there are oodles of bloggers out there wishing they could display such a tasteful award on their sites! Ha!

  3. hope101 says:

    Hilary, what does it say about your Mad Artist Skillz that we believed you had drawn a sketch that survived two hundred years?

    Teresa, lovely tribute.

    My sister used to worry about how much time I spent on-line, rather than in the real world. As I tell her stories, she’s come to realize that some of these friendships — especially those that spring from a mutual love of writing and a willingness to support one another on that path — have every bit as much validity as the “real” variety.

    H-bomb seems to demonstrate that wherever she goes.

  4. hope101 says:

    Thanks, Teresa, both for the link and the kind words. Amy made the interview a blast. It’s not everyone who’ll put up with my abuse. 😉

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