lunch hour links for writers – 1/13/10

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So you want to write horror. On this fortunate Wednesday the 13th, and in honor of our interview with author Robert Dunbar, this week’s lunch hour links will be devoted to links on writing horror.

Before we kick off the links, I would like to point out a couple of things:

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I did want to use this as an opportunity to let you all know the horrible truth: I do make mistakes. Yes, I know, my husband was stunned too. However, I’m always grateful when someone points my errors out to me. In the future, if you see an error or broken link, please either post a comment or use the Contact Me form to send me an e-mail.

Now off to the links . . .

So you want to write horror . . .

Then you want to check out this wonderful site Horror Factor, which has all kinds of links for those interested in the horror genre.

Familiarize yourself with the genre and sub-genres of horror with Paula Guran’s informative article on horror sub-genres.

I don’t care what kind of fiction you write, you need to read Dr. Carolyn Kaufman’s enlightening article on creating wonderfully wicked villains.

If you’re just starting to write horror and want to experiment with the genre, be sure check out the ten clichés to avoid by William Meikle. Not only does William tell you what to avoid, he gives some interesting ideas on ways to put new twists on old themes.

Believable characters are paramount to any good fiction, and horror is no exception. Jason M. Tucker has some tips on creating believable characters in horror fiction.

David Taylor has written a series of articles on how to write good horror fiction. Check out: How to Write Today’s Horror: Part I: The Seeds of Horror; Part II: What Today’s Readers Want; and Part III: What Today’s Readers Don’t Want.

writer’s chatroom

Where’s a great place to connect with other writers? At the Writer’s Chatroom, of course. Moderated every Wednesday evening by Audrey Shaffer, the Writer’s Chatroom is open from 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. EST where you can drop in or out as your schedule allows. Visit the Writer’s Chatroom tonight and pick up some great writing tips or leave a few!

links to links

Jane Friedman at Writers’ Digest has the Writers’ Digest Best Tweets for Writers. Great advice and posts all in one convenient place.

Over at Pimp My Novel, you’ll find news from the publishing industry, so check out Friday Round-Up, 2010 for news and links.

Nathan Bransford continues his excellent weekly round-up of publishing news with This Week in Publishing.

Jessica Rosen’s Friday Forum: Inspiration for some great links on digging into your creativity.


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5 Responses to lunch hour links for writers – 1/13/10

  1. Kelly Bryson says:

    Hey Teresa- I read the ‘villains’ link and cliches to avoid and those are great.

    Good to think about when I’m writing my own villain, Mother.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Heh heh, I love the name “Pimp My Novel” for a site.

    Thanks for adding a link to my stories, Teresa!

  3. Thanks for the linkage! I hadn’t come across the Horror Factor yet so I’ll be looking at it a lot closer.

    If I may, a book I really love for just this sort of thing is Writer’s Workshop of Horror. I highly recommend it:

    • Teresa says:

      Thanks for the tip, Jerrod! That looks like a great book with wonderful contributors (F. Paul Wilson, Ramsey Campbell, Deborah LeBlanc, Elizabeth Massie, et al.).

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