Happy Holidays from Helluo Librorum

I’ll be taking this week off for the holidays. I’ll leave you with a few pictures I took after the great snow 2009.


2009 Snow 024

Happy Holidays 


2009 Snow 020


2009 Snow 022

2009 Snow 023







2009 Snow 028

2009 Snow 027 





Under the Christmas tree is my favorite lolCat, Macavity, ready his presents and a haunting New Year.

2009 Snow 010

I’ll be back in 2010 with author interviews, articles about writing, and of course, lunch hour links for writers. Have a safe and happy holiday.



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8 Responses to Happy Holidays from Helluo Librorum

  1. Jonathan says:

    Happy Holidays Teresa! It’s been great getting to know you some. I’ve enjoyed your virtual company! I look forward to 2010.

    • Teresa says:

      Thank you, Jonathan! I’ve really enjoyed watching your blog grow, and your articles are always dead on and a good read. It’s been great fun getting to know you too. I’m looking forward to 2010 and more articles.

  2. lawrenceez says:

    Wow, great photos! I hope to post some snow pictures at some point.

    Have a great holiday, Tereas, and all the best with your novels.

    • Teresa says:

      Happy holidays to you too, Lawrence, and thanks for being such a regular visitor! 😉

      I’m looking forward to seeing English snow. 😉

  3. Hi Theresa

    and Happy Christmas. I found you via your comments on my Rose and Thorn interview – thanks you!! Lots of good luck with your work.

    • Teresa says:

      Merry Christmas to you too, Vanessa!

      And if you missed Vanessa’s interview at the Rose & Thorn, get thee hence right now to Author Interview: Vanessa Gebbie by Kathyrn Magnedie at the Rose & Thorn for a super author interview by Kat. The questions and answers will make you think deeply about your own work as you write.

      Thanks for stopping by, Vanessa, it’s a real pleasure to “see” you! 😉

  4. Great photos! This was quite the storm.

    Happy holidays!

    • Teresa says:

      Hello, David! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. The rain today has washed our beautiful snow away. I’m not sure when or if we’ll see more, but I’m hoping for more before winter’s done.

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