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Martyrs & Monsters Robert Dunbar Well it’s still a few weeks away, but I thought I’d shout out early so you can mark your calendars. Robert Dunbar, author of The Pines, The Shore, and an anthology of short stories Martyrs & Monsters, will be coming to visit helluo librorum January 11, 2010! I really excited, because while Mr. Dunbar’s novels and short stories are moody and dark, he is a vibrant and witty gentleman. You’ll be hearing more about that interview as we approach the New Year, so stay tuned.

Whether you write romance novels or not, this week’s lead in the links is last week’s big news on the publishing front: the Harlequin self publishing venture, Horizons. If you want a balanced opinion on the piece with links to the more lively discussions across the web, you’re best served to start your research with Jane Friedman’s excellent post on Harlequin’s Self Publishing Venture. (Harlequin Horizons is now called DellArte Press.)

In other publishing news, St. Martin’s Press has devised a new category for marketing titles aimed at New Adults. The New Adult market is aimed at people between the ages of 20-30; those folks who are really too old for YA, but not old enough for . . . well for whatever comes after New Adult. Jodi Meadows is excited about the venture, and she has a most excellent Interview with S. Jae-Jones on New Adult

Personally, I fall into the Jaded Bitch market. This market is geared toward women over 40 who are sick of reading about women over 40 going through some sort of hand-wringing, pre-menopausal angst.


I seem to have digressed there . . .

I couldn’t believe this, but if Victoria Strauss has blogged about it, therefore it must be true. You have to read Victoria’s wonderfully tongue in cheek post on the irony of Tweetbookz.

Alex Bledsoe tweeted this great link on book covers and the rationale on how those covers are chosen. Read about The Covers That Got Away at and see some great book covers (including two covers for Alex’s novel Blood Groove).

The first chapter of your novel is the most important chapter, so you need to head over to the Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agents blog and read about the 7 reasons agents stop reading your first chapter.

If you’re intimidated by writing sex scenes, you need to read author Elizabeth Bear’s post at the the Storytellers Unplugged blog where she teaches you that it is In Love As It Is In War. (Tweeted by @inkyelbows).

If you’re intimidated by sex, I have no help for you.

Here’s a great post about Writing Magic in Fantasy Fiction by Jonathan Danz where he gives some great tips on keeping it real.

Once your novel is finished, it’s often a good idea to run the completed work by beta readers who have never read the novel. My good friend Kelly Bryson talks about a great way to make the process more productive with her post on creating a Beta Readers’ Comment Form.

Peter Cooper talks about the agony of waiting to hear about his novel, The Ghost of Ping-Ling, in his post Seven Weeks.

While basting the turkey and baking the pies, you’ll want to take a break this evening and head over to Audrey Shaffer’s Open Chat Wednesdays at the Writer’s Chatroom. From 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. EST, you can take your questions and writing related issues to a group of vibrant writers who are encouraging and helpful about topics from plot issues to marketing your novel.


Check out Jane Friedman’s super links with the Writers’ Digest Best Tweets for Writers.

Another link treasure trove is Andy Shackcloth’s Sunday Wash-up where Andy posts the best links that he can find on the Internet. He has over thirty great links this week, so don’t miss the Sunday Wash-up.

More great links can be had at Pimp My Novel every Friday. For those who missed it, here is last week’s post entitled Waffling On the Issues

Finally, I like to wish each and everyone of you a very safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Remember, next week we exercise . . .


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  1. lawrenceez says:

    Thanks for the latest. I’ll be interested to see the article on why agents stop reading the first chapter. I had a fascinating novelist group session on my first novel on Wednesday and got lots out of it. Basically, much of its well written but too complex with too many background details coming into the story too soon.

    I’m hoping to get the editing report sent through today.

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