search terms used to find helluo librorum

I love looking at the search terms people use to arrive at this blog. Here are some of my favorites with my answer (where appropriate):

novel synopsis ; sample synopsis for agents ; "one page" synopsis novel "how to" ; fiction synopsis example ; how to write a synopsis of a novel ; writing a novel synopsis ; novel synopsis examples ; literary novel synopsis sample

Response: This seems to be a hot topic and I will try and find more information on how to write a good synopsis.


basement cat ; lolcats basement cat ; basement cat lolcat ; basement cat want your soul

Response: Basement cat rocks, you’ll find him at I Can Has Cheezburger? And yes, he does want your soul.


helluo librorum ; hello librorum ; "helluo librorum" ; helluo ; what does helluo librorum mean? ; what does "helluo librorum" mean?

Response: Helluo librorum is Latin and a loose translation is bookworm or in my case, bookWyrm. hello librorum is when you say hi to a Latin book.


brainstorming for a novel ; brainstorming write novel

Response: Another topic for which there seems to be much interest. I’ll see if I can charge my brain cells, do a little brainstorming, and come up with another post.

adult fantasy graphic sex ; adult sex

Response: If you will notice in the lower left hand corner of your screen there is a bright green button labeled “Start.” Click Start, click Shut Down. Go out of your house. Get a life. Meet people. Develop relationships, then enjoy graphic sex with the one you love, but please don’t come looking for it here.

That’s all for now . . .


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