lunch hour links for writers – 9/30/09

Just a short note from me to you: I’m a bit behind in my own deadline for finishing my novel, so I’m cutting back on my evening online time.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to miss Audrey Shaffer’s Open Chat Wednesdays at the Writer’s Chatroom. From 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. EST, you can take your questions and writing related issues to a group of vibrant writers who are encouraging and helpful about topics from plot issues to marketing your novel. I’ll miss you all for a few weeks, but know I’m thinking of you and will return as soon as possible.

sausage links Now on today’s lunch menu, I’m having soup and you’re having links . . . (no pun intended – okay . . . maybe a little one)

When literary agent Marlene Stringer Talks About Author Self-Promotion, you’ll want to listen, so head over to Colleen Lindsay’s blog, The Swivet, where you can get the low-down on marketing your novel. Even if you’re unpublished at this point, a solid marketing plan is something you need to be developing now.

If you’re not checking out the writing exercises at Mots Justes, then you’re missing fun ways to perfect your craft. Check out last Wednesday’s Donald Maas plotting exercise for a way to breathe new life into your WIP.

Publishers Weekly is keeping us apprised of more ramifications of the Google Book Settlement (just can’t get enough of that, can you?) abroad. The French group La Martinière has become the first publisher to sue Google in court for damages.

Judging from the number of searches I get per week about how to write a synopsis, it’s a hot topic, almost as hot as the dreaded query letter. @BubbleCow supplied a link last week to an excellent article on the purpose of a synopsis by Jo Herbert with Beat the Synopsis Stress.

At Edittorrent, Theresa gives some tips on developing minor characters with her post Paging Dr. Cannon.

Looking for links in all the wrong places? Naughty girls and boys! @BubbleCow found and tweeted a great link for writers at Lifehack with The Ultimate Writing Productivity Resource. This article brings together some of the best technology web sites for writers with free (ah, there’s the magic word) downloads. Check them out, you might find something you like.

At her blog, Eventide Unmasked, Hayley E. Lavik writes a truly enchanting post on bittersweet endings in fantasy stories with There Are No Happy Endings. You simply have to read it, because she uses one of my favorite fantasies, Peter S. Beagle’s The Last Unicorn.

Another great read from an author site is at Gillian Flynn’s web site (Sharp Objects and Dark Places) where you can see what she thinks of accurately portraying female characters (wicked and otherwise) on her page For Readers: I Was Not a Nice Little Girl . . . Great thoughts on poisonous relationships and how warped women can be . . . not that I would know anything about that . . . ahem . . .

Congratulations to Alex Bledsoe for getting a 4.5 star review from the Romantic Times for his up-coming novel Burn Me Deadly (publication date: November 10, 2009).

Contest! While we’re talking about Alex, be sure to check out his blog . . . From Down In Lucky Town for his latest contest. You can win a DVD of Blacula and a signed copy of Alex’s novel, Blood Groove. All you have to do is visit his post, The Briar Patch for a Horror Fan for details.

And whatever you do, mark your calendar for November 9, 2009, because Alex is going to stop by and visit us here at helluo librorum for an interview. I’m devising writerly questions as we speak . . . hehe

Debut author Erica Hayes is gearing up for a blog tour in anticipation of her upcoming novel, Shadowfae. You can check her dates at her blog Faerylite. Be sure to visit her tomorrow (October 1, 2009) when she is going to be visiting Magical Musings where she will talk about conflict in your novel and surprising your characters.

Tender Graces fans who are having a hard time awaiting the sequel can read excerpts from Kathryn Magendie’s latest novel, Secret Graces at her post VK Sagas Book 2 Secret Graces Excerpts. Well worth the visit to get a good peek at Kathryn’s poetic prose.


Thanks to @thecreativepenn for tweeting that Red Blade Press is now open for dark speculative fiction short-story submissions. They are not accepting submissions for novels. According to their web site, there is a very narrow deadline for submissions:

Only submissions received between September 17th 2009 and November 30th 2009 will be considered. Any submissions received outside this timeframe will be deleted unread.

So if you have a short-story up to 7,500 words, check out the Red Blade Press.

The Rose and Thorn e-zine is also open to submissions.


Another link treasure trove is Andy Shackcloth’s Sunday Wash-up where Andy posts the best links that he can find on the Internet. He has over thirty great links this week, so don’t miss the Sunday Wash-up.

More great links can be had at Pimp My Novel every Friday. For those who missed it, here is last week’s post entitled Little Round Up of Horrors.

That’s it for this week, and I certainly hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, but just in case roll through the sidebar and visit a few of the folks there. I’ve added a few new links you might find interesting, and I will continue to update and add links as I wander across the Internet in search of next week’s lunch hour links for writers . . .

Have a great week!


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6 Responses to lunch hour links for writers – 9/30/09

  1. jenniferneri says:

    Thanks, Teresa! Hope the work on your novel goes well!

    • Teresa says:

      Me, too, Jennifer! 😉

      The novel is going great, actually, it’s just been slow progress. I’m going to be a little slower blog hopping and commenting for a while, but I will be reading everyone else’s progress. I’m not going anywhere!

  2. lawrenceez says:

    Thanks for the links. Best wishes for your novel.

    • Teresa says:

      Thank you, Lawrence. I hope all is going well for you and your edits!

      By the way, I’m not going anywhere, but I’ve been spending too much of my evenings online.

  3. kat magendie says:

    Thank you for the links! I want to spend some time this afternoon going thru those -esp the promotion links!

    And thank you for linking me – I didn’t even know it until I stopped by *smiling*…

    work work work – you go! on the novel!

    • Teresa says:

      Hi, Kat! Always I got links to you! 😉

      I hope you enjoy the promotion links, but from what I’ve seen, you’re doing it right! You don’t know it, but I watch what you do. There, you’re mentoring without even knowing it! Isn’t that easy? Looking forward to reading more of Secret Graces.

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