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Now let’s eat . . .

Don’t forget the Open Chat Wednesdays at the Writer’s Chatroom! From 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. EST, you can take your questions and writing related issues to a group of vibrant writers at Audrey Shaffer’s Writer’s Chatroom. You can pop in and out at will so don’t feel like you have show up promptly and leave promptly. The Writer’s Chatroom is a great place to meet other writers.

I did a quick post on point of view (Point of View – A Primer) in response to a request on my Facebook page. What I didn’t know was: later that same day, the vibrant Kathryn Magendie also posted a great article on point of view! (We had some kind of Vulcan mind-meld thing going on that day!) Kat’s article is much broader in context and folks who are more advanced with their writing skills will definitely want to read Point of View – I See You. I am the Story Teller. He/She is the Story Teller.

And if you still feel your point of view skills are lacking, join Lisa Mannetti’s Interview (also right here at helluo librorum) for some more tips and pointers!

Okay, so you’ve got the point of view issue nailed, now you need help with pacing. Then you need to thank @motsjustes for tweeting this great article: Write a Novel That is Action Packed: Pace Fiction Writing to Create a Page-Turner by Tara McClendon.

Still having trouble with those commas, (faithful reader who shall remain nameless)? Check out the Tuesday Afternoon Punctuation: Commas, Part XII – Making the Transition at Mots Justes and while you’re there, check out the entire Mots Justes series on commas! Great posts, succinct, and nicely organized – I love this site!

If you’re looking for advice on sentence structure, head over to one of my favorite sites, Edittorrent, and see Alicia’s post What Goes With What?

Should you self-publish? They tackle the subject over at Pimp My Novel with Self-Publishing: Great Idea . . . or Worst Ever? You decide . . .

Does an author’s online presence matter? According to Patrick Nielson Hayden (editor at Tor Books) it does. The Moonrat picked this tidbit out and you can read news smatterings and entertaining things here at Editorial Ass.



The September 4th deadline for opting out of the Google Book Settlement is looming high and large, people! Pay attention, because whether you are published, self-published, or writing for publication, the outcome of the Google Book Settlement is going to affect you and your present or future works. If you are published or self-published, you need to either opt or in to the Settlement negotiated between the Google Book Project and the Authors’ Guild by September 4, 2009.

If you read nothing else about the Google Book Settlement (and I suggest you use this as a jumping off point), you need to read Jay Lake’s post Lakeshore – [publishing] One Last Crack at the Google Book Settlement.

That’s not enough for you? Victoria Strauss gives pertinent facts at Writer Beware Blogs. Victoria had this to say in her post, Google Book Search Settlement Deadline Looming:

“The Authors’ Guild, one of the parties to the Settlement, provides an overview of the Settlement’s possible benefits. However, resistance to the Settlement has been mounting, both in the USA and overseas, and many organizations and individuals have filed objections or issued statements of opposition, including SFWA, the National Writers’ Union, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and the Open Book Alliance (a coalition of organizations that includes some of Google’s biggest rivals). And the US Department of Justice is conducting an antitrust investigation.”

Go to Writer Beware Blogs and read the post in its entirety and be sure you read the comments where Victoria answers questions. The fact that the SFWA has issued a well thought out statement of opposition is enough for me.


Always, always, always check out Writers’ Digest Best Tweets for Writers by Jane Friedman. Ms. Friedman surfs the net for some of the best tweets and articles you can find!

Another link treasure trove is Andy Shackcloth’s Sunday Wash-up where Andy posts the best links that he can find on the Internet. He’s got some beauties this week, so be sure you stop by and say hi!

That’s it for this week, and I certainly hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, but just in case roll through the sidebar and visit a few of the folks there. I’ve added a few new links you might find interesting, and I will continue to update and add links as I wander across the Internet in search of next week’s lunch hour links for writers . . .

Have a great week!


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  1. Kelly Bryson says:

    re:faithful reader who shall remain nameless)?
    Who is it? Uh huh. No…Are you sure? But, but,but…Really? A little work and I’ll get it? But I’ve never had a problem with punctuation…You’re right–writing dialogue and tags is different than a school paper, but… Okay, fine. I’ll click the link.

  2. lawrenceez says:

    Thanks for posting the links. The Sunday Wash Up site looks excellent.

    • Teresa says:

      Hi Lawrence! Andy’s site has really great links, and I try very hard not to repeat any of his links. He has a great eye for good topics. I’ve got him bookmarked! You can follow him on Twitter, too, @Le_Shack.

      Have a nice weekend!

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  4. lawrenceez says:


    Have a good weekend too.

  5. jenniferneri says:

    ok, am I missing something, because where oh where is the give-away for that wonderful novel??

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