lunch hour links for writers – week of 8/25/09

Is it lunchtime yet?

Open Chat Wednesdays at the Writer’s Chatroom! From 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. EST, you can take your questions and writing related issues to a group of vibrant writers at Audrey Shaffer’s Writer’s Chatroom. You can pop in and out at will so don’t feel like you have show up promptly and leave p, and it’s a great place to meet other writers.

Dialogue an issue? See Allison Boyer’s post where she gives Five Tips for Great Dialogue.

Edittorrent has a great post on putting too much information into one sentence with Is the Problem . . .

Mots Justes has great posts on grammar and editing issues like this one on word usage Alright Is Almost Never All Right. And you thought it was . . .

Then there are those tricky adverbs! Kathryn Magendie gives some excellent advice on weeding those buggers out of your writing with her post: Those Adverbly Averbs, La Ly Ly Ly La.

Get Organized Before You Write Your Novel by Joseph Nassise is a super post on how to organize your notes prior to actually writing your novel. (via @BubbleCow)

Another super post on organizing your novel comes from Alan Rinzler at The Book Deal with his tips for the writer who is crying: Help! I Can’t Seem to Finish My Book.

Also via our good @BubbleCow comes this little gem from an editor who gives a detailed account of slogging through the slush pile with Caro Clarke’s post I Am Your Editor. While you’re there check out Point of View: How to Drive Your Story From Inside Your Character’s Head.

While we’re on the subject of point of view, a nifty article that explains those gnarly point of view shifts is a must read. See Robert L. Bacon’s post Write a Novel – Point of View and Techniques for Effective Shifts.

Are you getting what you need from your critique group? Visit Andy Shackcloth and read his post Getting More From Critique Groups to see if you are.

From gripes about prologues to shifting points of view, here is What Agents Hate by Chuck Sambuchino.

Agents being the subject, we’ll continue with another post by Jenny Rappaport, which makes the meaning of the word “no” clear for everyone with her post No Means No.

Thanks to @GregoryPalamas for this little tidbit from the NY Times on (and ya’ll thought I’d forgotten about it). Yes, that’s right like the hangover you thought you had conquered, the Google Book Settlement rises again as the September 4 deadline approaches! Just when you thought it was a dead, done deal European Opposition Mounts Against Google’s Selling Digitized Books.

Speaking of the dead, Tolkien is taking another hit from my good friend, Peter Cooper, who has written an Aussie version of the first bit of The Hobbit with his post Return of the Hobbit. I don’t have words for it, but you must read it and whatever you do, don’t eat or drink or you’ll shower your monitor.

Poor Jennifer was down for a bit due to a popped modem, but she up and running again! It made her think very hard about her online connections and the friends she’s made. She wants to know what you do to stay connected with other writers with her blog post: Oh I Have Missed You!


Always, always, always check out Writers’ Digest Best Tweets for Writers by Jane Friedman. Ms. Friedman surfs the net for some of the best tweets and articles you can find!

Another link treasure trove is Andy Shackcloth’s Sunday Wash-up where Andy posts the best links that he can find on the Internet.

That’s it for this week, and I certainly hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, but just in case roll through the sidebar and visit a few of the folks there. Who knows? You might find something that interests you that I might have missed.

Have a great week!


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