lunch hour links for writers – week of 7/13/09

I’m afraid I have a busy week this week, my friends, so I’m posting a little early. I’ll try to keep up with links for next week’s post, but your best bet for the next two weeks is to check my tweets. I’ll re-tweet (RT) anything of value to you, and I’m extending the number of visible tweets in the blog sidebar to five for a few days.

For this week, we don’t have many links, but the ones I found for you are jewels nonetheless:

Kathryn Check out Ami Spencer’s blog Write Out Loud for an Interview with Kathryn Magendie, author of Tender Graces. Who is Kathryn Magendie, you say? Kathryn Magendie is the author of the novel Tender Graces, but she is also the Co-managing editor of the Rose and Thorn Literary E-zine. Kathryn manages multiple blogs and web sites, and she is just one of those gosh-darn nice authors that the Moon Rat talks about (see below for the Moon Rat’s post). Remember her name, because you’re going to be seeing more of Kathryn Magendie. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read Tender Graces, I suggest you get your hands on a copy.

A new article by Linda Rohrbough entitled “E-mail Etiquette.” You may think you know how to send an e-mail, but I’ll guarantee that Linda brings up a point or two that you haven’t thought about. I know I always learn something from her articles.

The Moon Rat blogs about nice authors vs. snarky authors in the post “Too Cool for School (and for the Book Store) (Or, Book People are Nice).” You need to start cultivating your public persona before publication, and snarky won’t win you friends or fans.

Always check out Writers’ Digest There Are No Rules Best Tweets:

I highly, HIGHLY recommend reading Andy Shackcloth’s article on “Writing Characters Using the Proust Questionnaire from last week’s There Are No Rules Best Tweets. You will want to set up a template with these questions and use them frequently for character development.

Inspired by Nephele Tempest’s LiveJournal post on Voice, Stephanie Wright presents a fabulous article on the subject of voice with “On the Blog Again: Voice.” (Stephanie has linked to the Tempest post in her article. Both Stephanie’s post and the Tempest post are recommended reads.)

Though you’re not published, you still want to be working toward that magic day. Here’s a great article on What to include on Author Web Sites at the Book Publicity Blog.

Anne Hawkins, a literary agent for John Hawkins & Associates, Inc. answers the burning question of Why Do Good Agents Turn Down Good Books? at The Kill Zone.

That’s it for this week, but stay tuned for those tweets and I’ll keep surfing!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the resources, Teresa. The Proust Questionnaire looks to be highly useful!


    • Teresa says:

      Isn’t that wonderful? I’m going to create a template from those questions.

      Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie.


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