Meet Award Winning Author Lisa Mannetti

Did I just say that?  Did I just post that?

I’m so excited I can’t wait to tell you that Lisa Mannetti, award winning author of The Gentling Box, has agreed to do an interview here at helluo librorum.  Since she and I are going to be incredibly busy for the next two weeks, the date of the interview and other details will be coming soon.


For those of you who don’t know: Lisa Mannetti won the 2008 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Horror Writing in the category for First Novel with her debut, The Gentling Box.

I wanted to give you all advance notice, because if you haven’t read The Gentling Box, there is plenty of time for you to acquire a copy and read it before the interview.  It’s the best horror novel I’ve read in years, and I don’t say things like that lightly!

The Gentling Box If you want to order a copy, go to your favorite bookseller and give them this information: The Gentling Box by Lisa Mannetti, DarkHart Press, ISBN 978-0978731892.

You can find your copy online at:

Barnes & Nobel

Horror Mall

Just be forewarned: once you begin, you won’t be able to put it down.  When you’re done, don’t go to sleep, you’ll have nightmares . . . and if you’re not careful, Imre will stay in your heart forever.

If you would like a small sampling of Ms. Mannetti’s writing style, visit her web site ( and read some excerpts from her upcoming novels: The Everest Hauntings or The Lamia.  She has also graciously posted some excerpts from her novella, “Deathwatch”.

Stay tuned!

Did I say I was excited?  😉 

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