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I know I have a couple of people reading these posts, so since I’m suffering early week brain death, I thought I would ask if any of you have any ideas for future posts?  We’ve covered characterization, query letters, and backstory to name a few.

Is there a writing-related subject that someone would like to read about or perhaps a past post that you would like to read about more in depth?  Please keep all requests to writing-related or writer-related topics.  Don’t ask me how to acquire an agent until I have one, and please don’t ask me to explain the Google Book Settlement.

I’ll see if I can gather enough information to write a semi-intelligent post along with a few relevant links.  If you don’t want to post to this comment, just go to the side-bar and click Contact me.  If you use Contact me to e-mail me: let me know if it’s okay to use your name in the post, because if you don’t give me permission, I won’t use your name.

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  1. Jonathan Danz says:

    I’m always a fan of anything that helps keep me going. If you have any words or anecdotes, I’m all ears.

    • Teresa says:

      Thanks, Jonathan, I’ve had a couple of people hit my Facebook page with some suggestions, too. This got a much better response than I had expected, so I’m looking forward to working on the posts. It’s always a learning experience for me, too.

  2. cacklingscribe says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Why not write about your journey as an aspiring writer – what books you’re reading that you’re learning from, what pieces of advice you’ve taken on and how you’ve tried to put them into practice, what’s made you discouraged or encouraged, what stage you’re at with the various things your’re working on, etc, etc.

    For me, that’s the sort of thing I love reading. As good as agent’s and publisher’s blogs are, they’re not going through the same sort of things as I am, because they’re not writing books, querying, and trying to get published. I find it really encouraging and enjoyable to hear from people who are treading the same path as me. It reminds me that I’m not alone.

    Whatever you end up writing, I’m looking forward to reading it!


  3. immortaldiva says:

    Hi, Teresa.

    I have been enjoying your posts for a few weeks now. (It seems we both like the same wordpress theme too.) I especially like the lunch hour links!

    What would I like to read about? Well, as a writer who’s knee deep in the submission process, I am so frustrated by the huge discrepancy in submission standards. I am referring to the dreaded synopsis. Why, oh why…can’t they all be on the “same page”?

    Some want no more than 6 pages. Others no more than 3. When you read their “ideas” for synopsis content, that can vary tremendously. Recently, I had to prepare four packets to mail out. How do I write a suitable synopsis that can be universally applicable?! I hate having six versions of the same thing in my files. I’m constantly confused.

    Please help! 🙂

    • Teresa says:


      How nice to see you (so to speak)!

      That is one question that I’ve been pondering myself, and I would be delighted to look up some information on writing the synopsis.

      Regarding the theme: I chose the all black theme because it was so thinning. 😉 I haven’t seen many people use it, though, probably because it’s so cheerful.

      No kidding, if you would like to send me a link to your blog, I’d be delighted to post it in my sidebar. If you don’t, I can certainly understand that, too, but I always extend the offer.

      Have a great week!

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