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The Gentling Box I’ve heard of book trailers, but I had not actually encountered one until today.  If you want to see an awesome book trailer go to Lisa Mannetti’s web site and scroll down to see the book trailer for her novel, The Gentling Box.

In case you’re wondering, Lisa Mannetti won the Horror Writers’ Association’s Bram Stoker Award for first novel this year.  I’m reading The Gentling Box now.  Look for the review soon at Booklove!

Watch out for Mannetti on the horror front, I’m loving The Gentling Box and looking forward to more of her fiction.  You can visit her new blog at Lisa Mannetti.

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2 Responses to book trailers – the gentling box

  1. kaykaybe says:

    That was neat. I’m considering dressing up my kids as characters in my novel and making my own book trailer…well, no. I was expecting a book trailer to be similar to a movie trailer in length. That was pretty long at 9-25, IMO. But, what do I know? That’s the first one I’ve seen also.

    • Teresa says:

      Oh, that woud so cool! 😉

      I liked the summarization of the novel. She pulled out the high spots and left all the suspense. The artwork is beautiful, too.

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