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The good folks at Writers’ Digest have a great post There Are No Rules – Best Tweets for Writers Week Ending 6/26/09 here:

I took the time to surf through them and highly recommend these two notables:

Highspot, Inc. has a Directory of Book Trade People on Twitter, if you’re a twit like me.  😉

The Knight Agency has great tips and links on Writing a Solid Query Letter.

Speculative fiction fans should check out Speculative Horizons for the latest news and updates in the speculative fiction field.

And finally if you’re like me and need a way to calm down from all this noise, visit Stephanie Wright’s blog for excerpts from her fiction and, my personal favorite, Stephanie’s Senryu. For those who are unfamiliar with senryu: a senryu is very similar to haiku in that a senryu is a three line unrhymed poem. The subject of senryu is generally based on human nature. The first line is one to five syllables, the second line is two to seven syllables, and the third line is three to five syllables. So when the web is dragging you down, go visit Stephanie where the you will feel refreshed when you leave.

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