a contest, a contest . . .

Contests are fun and a good way to stretch your writing skills.  Jessica Faust and Kim Lionetti at Bookends Literary Agency are offering a contest via Twitter this week.  You can find the rules of the contest at this post:  Twitch Week!

READ THE CONTEST RULES on their blog before submitting a tweet to either Jessica or Kim, and DON’T start tweeting your pitch until they say begin.  You can follow them by joining Twitter (it’s free) and going to BookendsKim or BookendsJessica.  Click on the Follow button to start receiving their tweets.

Neither Kim nor Jessica represent fantasy or science fiction writers, but I do have some authors who follow this blog that write other genres.  Even if you write fantasy or science fiction, you’ve got nothing to lose by tweeting your pitch!

If you want to see what genres Kim and Jessica represent, go to About Bookends and read their profiles.

Have fun and GOOD LUCK.

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4 Responses to a contest, a contest . . .

  1. jenniferneri says:

    you on twitter?? i’ve been thinkoing about it, as i am told ’tis the way to go…but is it just another time sucker?

    ps. finally saw twilight – i think what surprised the most was the lack of budget.

    • Teresa says:

      I’m on Twitter. I tweet once a day or every other day or every three days as the mood strikes. Nothing coherent, I can assure you, because I can’t say a lot in 140 characters. It is another time sucker, but I’ve watched other writers use it for marketing and getting word out about their novels so I thought I’d try it. So far, it’s been interesting. 😉

      I think this one is a fad and will follow MySpace and Facebook down the toilet eventually to be replaced by something else.

  2. uninvoked says:

    I have the worst luck with contests. The best I have ever gotten was an honorable mention for a story I knew was absolute crap. It was depressing to find out the judge thought it was actually better than some of her other submissions. Then again, it WAS the 24 hour short story contest Writer’s Weekly holds every quarter. I guess you can’t expect much in the way of editing when you get just one day to write and scrub up the whole thing.

    • Teresa says:

      The contest I entered was a 200 word “blip”. It wasn’t much of a story at 200 words, but it was fun to stretch myself in a new direction and I found the word limitation to be challenging.

      I won’t be entering Jessica and Kim’s contest even though they invited anyone from any genre to enter. I’m HORRIBLE at log lines and snappy sales pitches, so I’ll pass on this one thank you all very much. 😉 I’m going to have friends help me out with my query and synopsis. Besides, I’m still having difficulty getting my Twitter posts down to 140 characters.

      Don’t sniff at that Honorable Mention, though! They probably received hundreds of entries, and if yours stood out even in an Honorable Mention, that speaks very well of your writing. 😉

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