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So everyone thinks that writers just sit down and the words flow from keyboard to screen.  Wrong!  Kelly Bryson clearly illustrates the angst writers endure over the opening paragraph.  She uses several examples from her own work on The Evolution of an Opening Paragraph to explain why some versions worked for her and why others didn’t.  It’s an excellent example of the writing process in action.

For more of Kelly’s novel, Pulse, click the link for Ink Well: Where Writers Think Aloud.

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2 Responses to the opening paragraph

  1. kaykaybe says:

    Hey there! I broke down and got a wordpress account. You are so awesome; It made me giggle to see the link to my article. Truly, I feel famous now:) I’m trying to get a list of links up on my site. I had 9 individual hits on my blog today, but not one of them left a comment. I’m not going to lurk like that. LOL!

    • Teresa says:

      Hi Kelly,

      It is a very nice article and I think it covers an important subject — editing. Too many people fluff off the editing process as unnecessary, but you gave some very clear examples of how it works. 😉

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