Stolen WordPress Book Reviews

I just wanted to put a little post-mortem on the whole Google Bookworm episode.

If you’re just ringing in on this, please see my category for Arthur Alerts for the entire sordid problem with plagiarism and the Google Bookworm. I have to say that Google cleared two of my book reviews off of the Bookworm’s web pages and a recent review has not been pilfered. Google did rectify the situation and in a timely fashion.

Why did I go to all that trouble over something so silly as a book review? It’s the principle of the thing, and it goes along with copyright issues and piracy. I’ve been following some other blogs where the overall Internet attitude about bootlegged e-books and piracy in general is the verbal equivalent to a bored yawn followed by a glassy stare heavenward. I’m sure this cavalier attitude would change if one of these people worked diligently on a project just to have someone else walk off with their paycheck.

People think that writing is easy and that writing a novel is a no-brainer. A good writer will spend anywhere from a year or more in writing and editing their novel before the first page is ever seen by an agent or publisher. That’s a lot of time and energy to devote to a project.

So forgive me if I think you’re full of crap if you believe it’s okay to pirate books, music, and movies. I’ll believe you’re serious about freedom of information when I see one of you give your annual salary to the first person who clicks your blog. Until you’re willing to do that, you’re not allowed to steal someone else’s work just because you feel you’re entitled to it.

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