Look, people, I’m trying to be civil about this, but things are getting stupid.  When you have a book review removed from your web site for plagiarism, you don’t go back and rip off another book review from the same people who complained about you.

Unless you’re the Bookworm on Google.

The only way it’s going to stop is if WordPress bloggers get together and request that Google remove their unauthorized book reviews from this thief’s web site!

I know writers are solitary creatures absorbed in their own blogs and their own worlds, but ya’ll gotta wake up out there!

If you write online book reviews, go to: and see if your book review is listed on this site. If there is no credit to you as the author of the review and no link back to your original post, go to the comments section and request your book review be removed from the site.

If you do not hear from the owner of the site, go to and file an online complaint.


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