Let’s start something new, shall we?

In keeping with my post on An Author vs. An Arthur, I’d like to start ARTHUR ALERTS.

Plagiarism is the cardinal sin whether in print or online. Authors do not plagiarize other writers’ materials and post that material as their own, either in print or on blogs. Authors always credit the actual author, and in the case of blogs, a link to the original site and credit to the original author is always posted.

However, an Arthur has been found on Google. The Bookworm ( has been plagiarizing book reviews from across the web. If you’ve posted a book review, you might want to go and see if it’s been plagiarized by the Bookworm.

If you find your work has been plagiarized by this individual, then go to and file a complaint.

A special thanks to Jennifer Astle who took the extra minute to alert other reviewers that their works had been plagiarized by the Google Bookworm site. You can see what happened to her at Hey, that’s my intellectual property.

Meanwhile, spread the word . . .

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