Linda Rohrbough

Who is Linda Rohrbough and why should you care?

Linda is a best-selling North Carolina author who offers encouragement and practical advice for writers through her articles. While I don’t know Linda personally, I’ve found her site to be an excellent resource for writers. She tackles a variety of subjects on the business of writing with clear, succinct essays that are as entertaining as they are informative.

I happened upon Linda’s homepage in search of advice on securing an agent and found a whole lot more. If you’re looking for articles on everything from agents to jump-starting your story, Linda has it.

To find her writing tips, click on articles.

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2 Responses to Linda Rohrbough

  1. nadia888 says:

    I didn’t know who Linda Rohrbough was, now I do, and I’ve just read some of her articles and they’re interesting. I’m having issues about what being a writer means, I’d appreciate your opinion.

    • Teresa says:

      Hi, nadia888, thanks for stopping by!

      I visited your blog, and I think I understand your question. If I’m wrong, then please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.

      I can tell you what being a writer means to me, because there are so many different kinds of writers, especially online. Personally, I would love to write professionally, and by that I mean, write novels, essays, book reviews, and blog full time. Currently, being unpublished (read: unpaid), I’ll be keeping my day job for a while. I will continue to work toward publication, because that is my personal dream.

      Do you have to be paid for your writing to be called a writer? I don’t believe so. I write for the same reasons you do, nadia888: I love to write fiction, essays, and book reviews. Just like you, I have thoughts that I would like to share with others on a variety of topics, and I have wonderful characters that pop into my head that want their stories told. The more I learn about writing as a craft and as an art form, the more I enjoy weaving tales.

      You say that you love to write poetry, fiction, your blog, and journal entries (your thoughts). I say you are a writer – not a writer wannabe. I say you are incredibly brave to write in English when Italian is your native tongue, but if English is the language of your heart, then you should pursue it.

      There is only one way to become good at something and that is practice, so write whether you’re paid for it or not. Write on your blog, write your stories, write your poetry, and read, read, read, because that is the other way to become a better writer.

      So here is what I would say if someone were to ask me about my writing: I am a writer working toward publication.

      I wish you luck and happy writing!

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